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Order Processing for Flat Glass

Almost every piece of glass is unique. It may involve shapes, processing, drilling, arrissing, tempering, grids, overlaps, or other processes. Input errors quickly become production errors – and very expensive ones. This requires an order entry system that is not only reliable and comprehensive, but also easy to handle – in a word, personable. It should be practical tool that helps you and your staff in all commercial and technical aspects of your daily work:
* a product which fits harmoniously into a MICROSOFT OFFICE environment
* a product which does not increase problems, but solves them
* a product which does not slow you down

First Choice
ALFAK is the latest WINDOWS based generation of software that is used by glass companies world-wide. Apart from its many practical features, the system comprises all necessary aspects for a state-of-the-art glass processing plant under a fully graphic user interface.

Comprehensive and Easy to Use
The modular program structure of ALFAK allows flexible handling and control of complex business processes. ALFAK not only allows the input, copying, and administration of quotations, orders, credit notes, purchase orders, and inquiries, but also controls other business areas, such as inventory, purchasing, dispatch, and more.

No Detours
ALFAK uses a user interface that comes directly to the point – without detours through complex menus. The intuitive operation of the system saves intensive training. ALFAK allows quick entry, as well as complex technical, CAD-supported items including dimensions. Your ALFAK interface is programmed according to your requirements. Features not required are simply invisible. Frequently used programs can be saved as favorites and structured to meet your individual demands. Additionally, the system includes a detailed user access rights control.

Detailed Input
All entered elements are shown true to scale. There is a variety of aids for quick and safe input. The A+W shape catalog, for instance, provides graphic support for the input of shapes with processing. Price calculation is completely integrated as well, and can be amended if necessary.

Quick as a Flash With the Keyboard
Order entry staff normally work quickly and reliably using the keyboard. In ALFAK, all vital functions are consequently accessible via keys – the mouse, of course, can be used, too. A major function is the quick entry, allowing the entry of the complete glass structure, including processings and all necessary parameters, in just one field. Technical restrictions are checked at all times, and warning messages are displayed if these are not met.

Bill of Material
Order items and products can be shown as bill of material. The system also provides information on the current price list and graduation per product, plus the applicable discount. Prices can be changed for every single element of the BOM.

Capacity planning
Detailed capacity planning is essential for complex products. Bottlenecks can be detected an early stage and the necessary steps can be taken to avoid them. ALFAK can automatically check and balance the capacities of several production lines. Quantities can be transferred, automatically or manually, from one line to another. This way, promised delivery dates can be kept – an essential advantage in a market where product quality is generally high, and features like service, on-time deliveries, and shipping to an end-customer in a pre-defined sequence are gaining on importance all the time.

The intelligent capacity planning takes care of the complete cost calculation of all orders: Labor and material costs, costs for external production or ancillaries are known quantities and form an exact basis for the calculation of production costs and margins.

Tailored to your Needs
When the requirements of an order entry system are defined, the list of possible software suppliers is quite small. For craftsmen and small processors, for instance, many of the systems are not specific enough; others are too comprehensive and too expensive. Big IG, tempered, or laminated glass producers, on the other hand, need comprehensive, highly-integrated software packages to handle all products, no matter whether they are to be produced or purchased. ALFAK can be adapted to different needs, and is ready to grow with the requirements of your business.

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